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One of the shortfalls of orthodontic approaches is the narrow goal of straight teeth. The problem with this is that it often fails to take into account the individual beauty and structure of each and every patient. Every person is a unique individual and a part of the uniqueness is their jaw structure.

Your smile is yours so why make it look like everyone else’s? Insignia is fully interactive computer software that combines your unique beauty with effective orthodontic treatment to help you achieve the healthiest bite and straightest teeth through a plan designed individually for you.

This software is used as a compliment to some of the leading treatment appliances:

Seligman Orthodontics, PLLC is a leading provider and firm advocate for the use of the Insignia software to achieve lasting results for our clients. When we use the software, it incorporates our treatment plans into a 3D model of your ideal occlusion, based on your individual facial structure and jaw build. The system then delivers a comprehensive solution including customized brackets, precision bracket placement, and patient-specific wires. All of this is generated by the computer and incredibly precise, in order to eliminate painful and time-consuming adjustments throughout treatment.