• Small Boy with Braces

    Understanding the Problems That May Arise Due to Poor Tooth Position

    Many people think that the field of orthodontics is just about improving the look of one’s smile, but in reality, undergoing orthodontic treatment can actually do more than just improve the aesthetic qualities of your teeth. Make sure you understand the importance of orthodontic treatment by reading over this article about the dental problems that […]

  • Blonde Woman with White Teeth

    Damon Clear or Invisalign: Which Is Right for You?

    Investing in orthodontic treatment is a great way to improve your smile and boost your overall dental health. However, many individuals would prefer an alternative to traditional metal braces. Park Avenue orthodontist Dr. David Seligman is proud to offer Damon clear braces and the Invisalign system. Continue reading to learn more about each treatment option. […]