National Orthodontic Health Month is finally here!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means everyone is busy, busy, busy. Scary decorations are popping up all over the neighborhood, kids of all ages (and adults too!) are busy trying to find that perfect costume, and grocery stores are already running out of candy.

I mean, let’s be honest. Who really waits until October 31 st to break open that handy bag of chocolate?

But contrary to popular belief, October is about more than just beautiful fall colors, overloading on sugar, and trying to one-up the neighbors with your Halloween lawn décor. October also happens to be National Orthodontic Health Month, and this Orthodontist in Park Avenue is getting pretty excited!

NOHM is a chance for orthodontists nationwide to spread the news about the importance of dental and orthodontic health. We love answering questions about how we can help you improve your smile, so now would be a great time to schedule a consultation! There are also several events held in and around your community to promote National Orthodontic Health Month, so you can chat with a dental health professional in calm and casual atmosphere. We understand that dental appointments and anxiety often go hand in hand, but getting to know your orthodontist ahead of time can help make the whole experience a lot less stressful.

Confident, healthy smiles

It’s no secret that proper orthodontic care can improve the overall appearance of your smile, and you deserve the chance to show off those pearly whites whenever you feel like it. With so many orthodontic options available, there is no need to hide behind crowded, crooked teeth. The latest advances in dental technology have revolutionized treatment options for child, adolescent, and adult orthodontics, so traditional metal or porcelain braces are no longer the only way to go. Now, you can straighten your teeth without anyone noticing using lingual braces or invisible aligners! Orthodontics in Park Avenue can also offer long-term relief from TMJ and other oral issues, so take some time during National Orthodontic Health Month to learn a little more about what your orthodontist can do for you!

Getting back to Halloween fun

Now, we are not here to rain on your candy parade. On the contrary, enjoy the holiday and all its sugary goodness, but keep in mind these simple tips to protect your beautiful smile.

Make smart choices

Although they may be yummy, avoid hard, chewy, sticky, or gummy treats. The risk of damaging your braces (not to mention the embarrassment of getting caramel apple stuck in your teeth) really isn’t worth it.

Nut-free candy bars, soft candies, and peanut butter cups are all delicious and brace-friendly options.

Brush, brush, brush

Sugar left on teeth is a cavity magnet, so brushing and flossing is a must. If you are sporting braces this holiday season, make sure to carefully clean around all brackets and wires and pay special attention to where the braces attach to the teeth and where the teeth meet the gums.

For more information, schedule a convenient consultation with an Orthodontist in Park Avenue today!

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