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Best. Decision. Ever.

This review is long overdue. I suppose it is because my journey to this office was a non-traditional one. BUT to make a long story short without leaving out key details, I was referred to this office by a marketing person for the Damon Braces system - she told me he was the best. And so, two years after the initial referral, I got an evaluation. It wasn't free - and I definitely got the feeling this was a pricier establishment than most. And so after that experience, I decided to check out another orthodontist and even went through with getting braces with that orthodontist.

Two weeks later, I got a call from Dr. Seligman's office to see if I was still interested in going with his office instead (he recommended invisalign, and a shorter treatment time than the other ortho) and I decided to go with Dr. Seligman and cancelled treatment with the other orthodontist who honestly....didn't seem remotely as skilled as Dr. Seligman.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I'm almost done with my treatment - but it has been much easier, less painful, and less inconvenient than any other orthodontic treatment I have encountered. Dr. Seligman is a pro - and I would not be surprised in the LEAST if celebrities go to his office. Yes, it is pricier than other options...but it's worth it. If you have the belief and ability to truly invest in yourself...look no further than this office when it comes to your orthodontic treatment.

I don't regret going with the other orthodontist at first - because I'll never have to wonder now if I made the right choice. I KNOW I made the right choice now. And to be honest, while I'll be thrilled once my treatment is complete...I'll be a bit sad that I won't be visiting anymore.

I'll write a part two to this review once the treatment is complete...and maybe even add pictures.

Thanks for reading!

Andrew S. New York , NY April 25, 2016

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Hollywood Smiles for a Lifetime!

This has been one of the best experiences and results for my family. From our first visit to the end result, we are beyond more than satisfied. I will never trust anyone else in the industry. Dr. Seligman is not just your typical orthodontist. He gets down to your level and gets to know your family and it’s genuine folks. This is no sales pitch at all whatsoever. From the friendly office staff to Dr. Seligman’s professionalism, they leave no room for error. He is top notch, reasonable and simply the best in the industry. He has the best technology available that produces the best results. My daughter has seen him since she was 8 and her braces were off at 9. Trust me her teeth were beyond out of line and now we are all Hollywood smiles. He is amazing, Don’t waste your time visiting competitors when Dr. Seligman is best in class!

Nicole K. New York , NY July 21, 2016

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Hollywood Smiles!

Dr.Seligman is the dream team with his staff and relationships in the industry. He has delivered outstanding results to my 9 year old daughter. Truly an exceptional experience that we will remember for a lifetime. He has the best technology available, delivered a painless experience and produced results in 12 months. From his warm and friendly staff to his incredible personality and bedside manner, we would highly recommend him. We can count on him for anything and we owe him our Hollywood smiles. There is no need to shop around just for them. Dr. Seligman is the smile master of the times.

The Kirbys New York , NY July 22, 2016

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Dr. Seligman has transformed my teeth and my smile

Dr. Seligman and his team have been nothing but fantastic throughout my treatment!
Dr. Seligman himself is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. He has transformed my teeth and my smile and I could not recommend him highly enough.
If you are thinking about having orthodontic work done this is the only practice you should visit!

Lauren M. New York , NY August 24, 2016

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If you have any apprehension at all about fixing your teeth - DON’T! And go straight to Seligman Orthodontics. Dr. Seligman is phenomenal - I’ve had friends that have told me tough stories about their Dentist or Ortho experience with Invisalign - - Dr. Seligman and his entire team are pros. From step 1 evaluating your plan - you feel comfortable and ready for any challenge. They made the process over the past year + easy and painless. I love to smile and laugh - and now it’s 100 x better than a year ago. Plus my teeth are healthier because I see the value in taking care of them.

Leslie H. New York , NY September 23, 2016

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Dr. Seligman is a genius! My story: All my life I had spaces between my teeth. One of the spaces was so big it literally looked like I had a tooth missing! One day my new dentist here in New York, Dr. Joseph Lattinelli, said he believed a good orthodontist could fix my teeth. Honestly, I was very skeptical. Aside from being in my 50's, I thought my teeth were just too messed up. Dr. Lattinelli referred me to Dr. Seligman, who did a complete evaluation and said he could indeed bring my teeth together with braces. I was still skeptical. I thought it over and decided, "why not?" since I my teeth were healthy. My braces were installed and as the time passed I saw the spaces begin to close day by day. I wish you could see the "before and after." I used to avoid smiling around people because I was so self conscious of my teeth. People cannot believe the difference, and have given me many compliments. I feel so much more confident now and my teeth look amazing--thanks to Dr. Seligman. His office is beautiful and has all state-of-the art equipment. And his staff are absolutely wonderful people, they treat you like family.

Brian Smail New York , MY October 9, 2016

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Dr. Seligman is an extremely kind, professional, …

Prior to selecting Dr. Seligman as my kids' orthodontist I had met with 3 other dentists and there was absolutely no comparison...Dr. Seligman is, by far, the absolute best choice:
- He uses the Damon Orthodontic system which is more efficient, less painful and less time-consuming (appts) than conventional braces. And most importantly, the results were amazing.
- His office is outfitted with the most modern and technologically-advanced equipment. For example: to get an imprint of my kids' teeth he inserts a wand into the mouth and a digital image is taken immediately (no more gagging on the tray with gooey slime that practically has my kids choking).
- Dr. Seligman is an extremely kind, professional, advance-thinking, modern orthodontist. He explains procedures very clearly & easily. My kids feel very comfortable with him.
- His staff is equally as professional and kind; they always accommodate you when setting up an appt. They once had to open their office at 7am just to get my daughter in before camp.
- I implicitly trust his esthetic-take on everything; he is meticulous on his person, and his office is spotless, organized, modern and chic.
He is an amazing orthodontist and we are thrilled to be his patients.

Eva S. Ardsley , NY February 2, 2017

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Dr. Seligman and his staff are simply top notch

Dr. Seligman and his staff are simply top notch. My daughter’s teeth look amazing. Dr. Seligman is honest, straightforward and has an incredible attention to detail, You must see him for braces!

Jennifer M. New York , NY March 2, 2017

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Dr. Seligman comes HIGHLY recommended!

Wow! Where should I begin? I LOVE Dr Seligman and all his staff members. He is personable, friendly, kind, informative, knowledgeable and down to earth. I've been seen in both offices, his Park Ave location is prestige...up to date equipment, spotless.

He comes HIGHLY recommended!!!!!!!

Brittany F. Eastchester, Bronx , NY August 16, 2017

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Seligman Orthodontics is amazing!

Seligman Orthodontics is amazing. Dr. Seligman is the best as is his amazing knowledgeable staff. My daughter had her braces taken off yesterday and both her teeth and smile look amazing. The entire process was seamless. We were always met with a smile when we walked into the office. We never had a wait for our appointment. We couldn’t have had a better experience if we tried.

Nancy H. New York , NY February 24, 2018

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When every other dentist says it can’t be done, visit Dr. ..

Both of my 15 year old twin daughters achieved amazing results with Dr. Seligman. I visited at least 5 other orthodontists before choosing him. My daughters had an open bite that every other orthodontist including Columbia’s Dental school said that 4 teeth had to be pulled to allow the 2 incisors to come down and close the bite. Dr. Seligman is the only orthodontist who was willing to take a wait and see attitude - he admitted that it might not be achievable up front. But after just 4 months of using Damon Braces, he said “they are out of the woods.” And after 18 months, and no teeth pulled, the results achieved are amazing - straight teeth and closed bites. I advise “when every other dentist says it can’t be done, visit Dr. Seligman, a truly talented and experienced professional.”

Deborah C. Manhattan , NY May 26, 2018

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Zen Damon Braces Master!

Dr. Seligman is a Zen Damon Braces Master!

Althea A NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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An Awesome Opportunity to change faces & futures

Dr. Seligman’s investment in continuing to provide the most innovative options for the best orthodontic result offers an awesome opportunity to change faces and futures.

Peggy M. NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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Great orthodontics office!

Great orthodontics office (i’ve been to several), which I was referred to for my adult Invisaligns. Dr. Seligman is great, and his Upper East Side office is state of the art. The Chelsea office (close to my job) is smaller and has fewer hours, but more convenient if you live or work in that part of town. His staff is great and friendly, and so far I’ve been very happy with my care.

Fred G New York , NY May 26, 2018

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He and his staff are absolutely wonderful

Not only does Dr. Seligman offer the latest and greatest technology with his mind blowing equipment, he and his staff are absolutely wonderful.

Chris B. NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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Beyond anything I would have expected

The process of working with Dr. Seligman and his team has been beyond anything I would have expected.

Leslie H NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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His staff was both friendly and professional

Dr. Seligman's expertise in the Damon System of braces along with the recommendation of a friend initially brought me to his office. He is very thorough in designing a specialized treatment plan to produce the desired result (in my case, some preliminary outside dental work was necessary.) Dr. Seligman took the time to explain both the mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the straightening process and his staff was both friendly and professional.

K C NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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I recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone in NYC

In May 2012 my dentist sent me to an orthodontist to discuss options for my severely crowded teeth which were getting even more crowded to the point it was difficult for her to clean my teeth and impossible for me to floss. I had an unsightly snaggletooth on the top and crooked teeth on the bottom. The orthodontist came up with a 3-year plan, starting with palate expanders to be followed up with traditional braces. I searched online for alternatives and discovered the Damon Braces system which looked promising and located a Dr. Seligman near my workplace so I gave him a call to meet with him to get a second opinion. I really didn't think he would offer much hope, but I was surprised when he told me he could take care of my crowded teeth in about half the time of the other orthodontist, and that the Damon system was designed to work in such an efficient manner that palate expansion was not necessary. I was very impressed with Dr. Seligman's explanation and his conviction of the Damon system and decided to go with the Damon braces.I got my Damon braces on in mid June and I have to say that within the first 2 months alone it has been close to miraculous! The snaggletooth has completely gone down and into its rightful place and my bottom front teeth are already straight, with space in-between for flossing. Damon braces uses memory wire with the self-ligating brackets really are an amazing technological improvement on traditional braces. I recommend these to anyone with crowded teeth, and I recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone in NYC. He and his staff are really great, and I am so glad I got my second opinion from him! Although I have quite a few months ahead of me, I am already thrilled with the results so far. This experience so far has been a complete revelation to me in the potential for healthy and attractive teeth for older patients.

Deborah F. NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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Thanks Dr. Seligman and staff

I absolutely adore Dr.Seligman. He is the only ortho that I've experienced who is courteous, understanding, and genuinely cares about your teeth. His staff is welcoming and inviting. I can't wait to get my custom made braces on in the fall! Thanks Dr. Seligman and staff.

Anonymous NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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He is the only ortho that I’ve experienced who is ..

I absolutely adore Dr.Seligman. He is the only ortho that I've experienced who is courteous, understanding, and genuinely cares about your teeth. His staff is welcoming and inviting. I can't wait to get my custom made braces on in the fall! Thanks Dr. Seligman and staff.

Anonymous NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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He’s the Best!

Dr.Seligman was my orthodontist back here in Tennessee. Four years ago he have me braces, that eventually lead me to become the beautiful person I am today with the great set of straight clean pearly whites I have! The experience is wonderful. He really treats his patients like they're royalty. For children and teens like me, he makes sure the parents are in on all the information for the kids. He and his staff are so caring and polite, when I found out he moved to New York I was so sad! I wanted him to take my wisdom teeth out for me! So New Yorkers, you are absolutely lucky to have an orthodontist like Dr.Seligman nearby!

Tanya D NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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Two huge thumbs up!

I couldn't have asked for a better orthodontist! I first learned about Dr. Seligman through gilt and initially I was skeptical about finding a doctor through a discount/shopping website, but I was not disappointed! I was actually pretty blown away by my experience. During my first consultation, a scan of my face was taken which allowed for Dr. Seligman to make an assessment on how my teeth should be fixed based on the bone structure of my face. It was carefully decided that Invisalign was the best option. A few days after my appointment a personal hand written letter from Dr. Seligman was sent to my apartment thanking me for choosing Seligman Orthodontics. Normally after a first appointment an email is sent or nothing at all. The hand written note adds a personal element that as a patient makes you feel like you doctor is personally invested in your health and your experience. The second appointment was when I received my first Invisalign trays. If you have ever had a retainer or invisalign, you know that the first day of wearing them is uncomfortable and painful. Knowing this.Dr. Seligman checked in to see how I was doing. Again, the personal message made me feel like I was in great hands. I would recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone who is searching for a reliable, excellent Orthodontist in Manhattan. Two huge thumbs up!

Christine S NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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This doctor was one of the best I’ve seen

This doctor was one of the best i've seen. as far a orthodontists go. i had a problem with a space in my teeth and he fixed it! and it was like in a little over a year with Damon braces. i was a little nervous at first, getting braces at my age.. but these new braces called the Damon braces they came in clear and metal and were so much smaller compared to when i was younger. he also, gave me the option to use invisalign but i opted for the clear braces. This Dr. and his staff were so friendly and helpful. i definitely recommend seeing him if you have any problem with your teeth.

Michael L. NYC , NY May 26, 2018

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An Artist and a Gentleman

I cannot say enough great things about the exceptional Dr. Seligman and his staff. I was referred to him by my long-term dentist to revisit an orthodontic issue I have had my whole life. As an adult, I was tentative because of the time and financial investment and everything was an unknown! Even before my first appointment, I was so encouraged by the staff patiently answering my many questions. Dr Seligman is a true gentleman, an artist, and is great at anticipating what a patient needs to know. I could not be more pleased with the outcome! I have a natural result which I am thrilled about! He is absolutely THE BEST!

Dr. Seligman and Staff December 18, 2018

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